Pay your development team abroad!

Many companies have developer or product teams abroad and need to pay them in foreign currencies. Here they often have to pay high fees, and the exchange rate fluctuations mess with the financial planning. Forexfix puts an end to this with the best guaranteed future exchange rates. Even USD payments to India or Pakistan are possible!

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Money transfer
Currency hedging
Free bank account


Riskless international business
Fast and flexible hedging against exchange rate losses
Cheap international transfers
4x cheaper than your bank.
Virtual FX Accounts
Manage your currencies with virtual accounts
No basic fee, no minimum
CSV & PDF export
Export all your data to CSV or create PDFs of your payments.
Sameday Payments
With many currencies it's possible that money arrives on the same day.
Individual notifications
We inform you in realtime about every step.
Multi User
Add new users with a few clicks. Give them individual limits and restricitions.
Exchange rate notifications
Get informed when your desired rate is available.
Multi Payment
Pay multiple beneficiaries with only one order.
Hasselfree onboarding
Fully digital without paperwork
Support in your language
Fiendly support in English or German

The best rates in 60 seconds!

  • Get rates

    Tell us when your supplier is expecting which amount in which currency.
  • Book exchange

    Receive an offer, and book your guaranteed future exchange rate in seconds.
  • Finish transaction

    You transfer the money through your normal account, and we convert and forward it.

Start-ups are already using us:

We are a start-up company from Vienna and develop smart design lamps. For production in Austria, we purchase a few components from Asia and pay for them in foreign currency. We previously used TransferWise for our foreign payments, but we switched to Forexfix a few months ago because it is cheaper and easier to use.

If someone makes transactions in foreign currencies, I can highly recommend Forexfix. The team is strongly motivated and responds specifically to individual customer wishes.

Robert Kopka Founder and Managing Director of Luke Roberts GmbH
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