Now you can finally pay with the real exchange rate

Book transactions with a better exchange rate than through your bank

Why are there different exchange rates?

Banks und payments service providers make money in international payments through a variety of hidden costs. This ends now:

Payment through your bank

If you transfer money abroad using your bank, you have to pay in various ways: order charge, SWIFT fee, commission for foreign currency trade, foreign currency trading fee, bid price for foreign currency - on average 1.6% markup

Payment through Forexfix

If you transfer money abroad using Forexfix, you get access to the interbank rate. There is only 6€ fee and a small charge on the interbank rate of 0,2% - 0,4%, which includes everything.

On average a payment abroad in a foreign currency is 4x cheaper through Forexfix than through traditional banks.
Average result of a benchmarking of all currencies Forexfix offers (all rates: 20.12.2017 13.00) against prices of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, HypoVereinsbank and Postbank. See for yourself. Fees with a bank are around 0,2-0,3%, and the bid-midmarket spread is about 1-1,5%. Current bid prices of banks are available under the following links:  Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, HypoVereinsbank, Postbank

Why use Forexfix?


Book guaranteed exchange rates online within minutes


Infinite transactions without minimum volume or base fee


True mid-market rates and a lower commission than banks

How exactly does the application work?

Sign Up

Upload your ID, and we do everything else necessary for the compliance check.


Book payment

Specify which foreign currency payment your counterpart is expecting.

Screenshot of register in forexfix

Make contract

With one click you get a guaranteed future exchange rate, with another one you book it.

Screenshot of contract

Finish transaction

You transfer at the guaranteed rate - that’s it, no additional fees or charges.

Screenshot of finish

Save money

You benefit from better exchange rates, which will translate into better overall results for your business.

How does Forexfix process payments?

Bank partnerships

The financial products come from our partner Currencycloud Ltd, an established payment engine in the FX market.

Technical interface

Live market rates and automated placement of orders is provided through API technology.

Financial Products

We use spot transactions to process your order through efficient, local payment systems.

Get in 8 minutes your currency management account

The sign up process is completely digital, paperless and far quicker than any traditional bank.